Kiora living space
Kiora master suite
Casa Mini
Casa Mini bedroom suite
Secret Park House

Ectypos Architecture Seattle WA

Ectypos is a top architect in Seattle, we design contemporary residential—and adaptable live/work—spaces that enhance the lives of our clients. To reach that goal, we depend on collaboration.

Our first step is to listen carefully to a client’s objectives. This is the case be it new custom home design or a significant home remodel. Our design perspective translates to smaller houses that live large—and large houses that never overwhelm.

At Ectypos Architecture, we a have a strong commitment to doing more with less. In all cases, an energy efficient envelope is a core goal. So is maximizing the use of natural light and ventilation. We look to minimize impact to a site’s existing native landscape whenever possible. We’re also skilled at making challenging building sites work to our client’s advantage. We select and utilize the most appropriate construction techniques and technologies for the program, site, and budget.

Founded in 2001, Ectypos listens to its national and international clients’ creative dreams as closely today as it did the day the studio opened.

  • Secret Park House
    Secret Park House
  • Casa Mini exterior at dusk
    Casa Mini
  • ChiaroScuro
  • Firmitas
  • Kiora
  • The Thicket
  • The Pier
  • Roly Poly
  • La Loggia
  • Blue Green Park
  • Torrefazione Italia
  • Caffé Tazza
  • Canales
  • Barcon
  • The Shop
  • Wallula
  • Duckfarm
  • The Lantern
  • Colonial Redux
  • California Senior Housing
  • El Greco
  • Caffé Umbria
  • 3D Colors
  • Interweave
  • ChiaroScuro Stairs
  • Headstart
  • Furness
  • Window Canvas
  • Yakima Valley Regional Park
  • Castello di Brazzà
  • Fogolar