3 Tips For Hiring An Architect For Your Custom Home

3 Tips For Hiring An Architect For Your Custom Home

In this article, we will give a few tips to architecture clients on picking an architecture firm and dealing with architects. All right. So the first rule is to choose an architect based on their work, not based on proximity. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you know somebody or they’re the family friend or your cousin, or she goes to your church, that they’re going to be able to be your architect. Architecture is such a broad field.

There Are Many Types Of Buildings

First of all, there are many different types of buildings. Whether you’re talking about building a custom home or you’re talking about creating something for your business. There’s the expertise somebody might have in designing a home that they won’t have in designing a school or a hospital. Just because you have somebody who’s a friend and maybe plans hotels or hospitals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can design your house or switch from doing houses to doing your place of business.

It would help if you considered their style as well. There’s a technique and a craft that architects develop over time. If you’re going to pick somebody who does a lot of modern work, then having them do traditional details is not an easy change. Often, it’s hard to get traditional architects to make a house that looks modern.

Quality Is More Important Than Price

Benjamin Franklin said, “The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” There’s a large window within the process of architecture in which you, the client, may begin to become nervous about the amount of money being spent on a building. I think that this quote is essential to remember. It’s true not only for architecture but really for just about anything.

My third piece of advice for architecture clients dealing with architects is to be as transparent as you can with yourself about what you want. When you know precisely what you want, you also need to be clear with your architect about that idea. If, for example, you find an image of something that you think is cool. You might explain to your architect that you want something designed like what is in the picture. It’s a good idea to take that further and try to identify the thing about the image you like. The more specific you can be when describing what you want, the better your architect will design it. As long as you can be that clear about what you want out of the building, that will make the process a lot smoother.

Come Up With A List Of What You Want

It’s a good idea to come up with a list. You can make a list of what you want out of the design and make it very long. Put in the list every single thing you think you want. Maybe you can’t thread the needle through all of those and hit all of them, but chances are, you’re going to be able to hit a lot of them. So you have to be able, to be honest with yourself about it. It would help if you recognized the fact that you do have a say in the design. Your design is something that is being created to fit your needs. For that reason, you have to be vocal about what your needs are. And so to do that, you have to be in touch with what your needs are.