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What we do.

At Ectypos, we’re all about elegant, functional space.

It’s the thought we hold as we approach each residential, live-work, or multi-use project. It’s also the cornerstone of our practice when it comes to land use planning.

As architects, we’re committed to high-quality design as well as to supporting a healthy community and environment. We believe our clients are too.

Residential Design

At Ectypos Architecture, we design contemporary residential—and flexible live/work spaces—that enhance the lives of our clients. To reach that goal, we depend on collaboration.

Our first step is to listen carefully to a client’s objectives. This is true be it a new home or a significant remodel. Each project is unique and individual requests can include everything from space for a rare car collection to full accessibility (ADA). We also consider the complexities of the building site and its surroundings. The resulting residential structures are both contemporary and timeless.

At Ectypos, we recommend (or help select) sub-consultants and contractors carefully. We pay particular attention during the construction phase, a practice that results in a project that’s consistent across all building disciplines. In all situations, we work with the city to achieve a successful permit outcome.


Multi-Use and Commercial Design

At Ectypos Architecture, we look to identify the opportunities—and the challenges—specific to each multi-use or commercial design project.  Multi-use and commercial design can be complex, but those complexities often raise the profile of the design outcome. Complexities can include the project’s program, site, budget, code constraints and other external factors.

In every situation, our goal is to meet the needs of the development entity as well as of the people who will eventually live, work, or visit the project. In doing so, our design outcome serves to raise both project and profit potential.


Land-Use Planning

Land use planning (and territorial design) begins with a deep understanding of the land—its biology, hydrology, topography, urban foot-print, and cultural profile. These elements provide a foundation for a comprehensive site analysis that articulates existing aspects and potential for future development.

Ectypos services include in-depth code analysis as it applies to development potential, ability to assist with program scoping, coordination between consultants, and phasing of site development. We also create futurized design visions that bring added value to projects.